Simple Blessings From My Heart

By Cheryl T Campbell | Personal Development

Apr 15

I’m not quite sure when I began to send simple blessings to the world, but I’ve been doing it for quite some time.

I start my day with them. I “chant” them when I’m going about my chores. I send them when I’m driving, I even sing a version of them when I’m in the shower!

My life changed when I began to send simple blessings from my heart out into the universe.

Sounds crazy, but here’s why it works so well…

For me, it helped to rid myself of negative emotion. I was always angry at somebody for bavor I couldn’t understand or for social injustice I found reprehensible.

Then one day, I literally woke up and decided I didn’t want anger in my life anymore. From that moment on, I tried to practice conscious awareness on a daily basis. Let me give you an example:

BIG pet peeve: Drivers who constantly switch lanes with an inch or two to spare between vehicles while driving 30 miles over the speed limit! It used to make me really angry. That anger would stick with me and affect my mood.

Now, I understand the simple fact that the only behavior I have control over is my own. So now instead of reacting with anger, I take a deep breath and say May you be blessed with love and light, may you be blessed with safety.

Here are some that I say everyday:

May every sound heard be the sound of conscoiusness awakening

With every blink of our eyes may we see that we are all one

May every word spoken be filled with kindness and compassion

With every beat of our heart may we learn to love unconditionally

May every step taken bring the world closer to peace.

If you’re wondering what I mean by the first one let me explain…

How can you raise your consciousness?

I wanted to share with you ways that you can raise your consciousness but then I saw this great blog post by MindValley: How To Achieve Higher Consciousness A Step At A Time I’m sure you will enjoy it!

I also created this poster for you to print out if you would like to join me in raising the vibration of our planet by saying a few simple blessings when you can.

Simple Blessings from my heart