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Cheryl T Campbell and Family

About Cheryl

Cheryl T Campbell is a bestselling author and international speaker whose career has been a diverse journey taking her from the hazardous waste field to SCUBA diving Instructor and ultimately to small business owner.

While developing a successful Interior Decorating and Custom Upholstery Shop she became fascinated with internet marketing and has never looked back.

She is the author of Relationship Marketing and the New Entrepreneur; co-author of The New Masters of Online Marketing, and past publisher of The Tribal Woman Magazine and Internet Marketing Unlocked. Her company, 4 Winds of Change LLC is parent to a diverse group of online properties that encompass video marketing, lead gen, CPA marketing and ecommerce.

4 Winds is also the brand name of an all natural, chemical free beauty product imported from Morocco and sold on the Amazon platform.

Cheryl is passionate about sharing her knowledge of internet marketing and how you can apply it to create and grow leadership based businesses. She also feels strongly about giving back to community and runs a non-profit charitable organization in her hometown of Madison, CT.

What People Are Saying...

Michelle Manning

Cheryl always does an amazing job. Her work and guidance for women entrepreneurs is stellar! If you want help with marketing your business, Cheryl is the go-to gal I HIGHLY recommend.

A Few Of Our Web Properties and Affiliations

The Health and Wellness Watch

Health and Wellness Watch, a 4winds of Change Company

Health and Wellness, three little words that mean different things to different people. It's our hope that you will find the information you need to live a balanced and fulfilled life. The Health and Wellness Watch brings you articles as well as an in depth look at products to help you achieve your health and wellness goals. We sift through all the hype so you don't have to!

Cooking Up Barbecue

Cooking Up Barbeque, a 4winds of Change Company

Alan and I love to cook and entertain. Cooking Up Barbecue is one of our eCommerce Stores.  It's all about summer and barbecuing, recommendations for the best equipment, reviews, and delicious recipes.

A Yoga Place

Cooking Up Barbeque, a 4winds of Change Company

A Yoga Place is one of our newer eCommerce Stores and reflects my love of yoga!

Love My Rescue Dogs

Savannah from

Alan and I are simply in love with our rescue dogs. It's only natural we would want a website dedicated to them! Those gorgeous pups in the picture up in the  About Cheryl section of this page are (left to right) Milly, Peach, Andy and Blu. Blu was our first and responsible for starting the whole thing! Missing from that picture is our newest rescue Savannah, so she's featured above.  Savannah came to us at the ripe old age of 10 and is getting younger everyday.

Recently I realized having three separate sites dedicated to dogs was a little much! We closed down all three and are in the process of transferring the blog, our store, and all the great info about training your pup to our new website.

It's a work in progress uploading all our old posts and writing new ones, but definitely stop by and pick up some great training aides we have as FREE downloads.

Solutions With Style

What happens when two women with a passion for food and cooking come together? An explosion of information that will be educational, innovative and creative, informative, entertaining and engaging. First and foremost, we will provide you with high quality products, interesting food clubs, cooking lessons and more.

Madison Community Services Inc.

Cooking Up Barbeque, a 4winds of Change Company

Madison Community Services, Inc is an all volunteer nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization providing services and assistance to Madison residents free of charge.  I am so proud to run this incredible organization and be associated with the volunteers that are all heart. 100% of funding is from private donations, without any town, state or federal funding.