Welcome to years gone by...  Here's a list of blog posts that I published in 2012.  A lot of the information is still relevant, but please keep in mind many topics related to Internet Marketing are always changing, especially in social media!  If you have any questions about how relevant a topic is today, please feel free to reach out to me. 

Blog Posts 2012

December Issue Tribal Woman Magazine
Special Holiday Edition of Tribal Woman Magazine    
October Issue Tribal Woman Magazine
The Quantum Manifesters are Featured in This Issue of Tribal Woman Magazine .    
The Importance of Community
Very early in my life I learned the importance of community, in today's article I talk a little bit about[...]
Social Media Today Harness the Power of Linkedin
Social Media is everywhere! Facebook, Flickr, Digg, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Google +.  In today's article Social Media Today Harness[...]
Project LIGHT Rwanda
Project LIGHT Rwanda: How Individual Healing Can Lead To World Transformation Project LIGHT Rwanda touched my heart on so many different[...]
September Issue Tribal Woman Magazine
Women Authors Are Featured In This Issue of Tribal Woman Magazine    
August Issue of Tribal Woman Magazine
Premiere Issue of Tribal Woman Magazine   Also Read Related Press Release: Wellness Expert Gina Van Luven Featured in The[...]
I was Featured on John Assaraf’s PraxisNow!
From Doubts to Results: I was Featured on John Assaraf's PraxisNow! In the fall of 2010 I became fascinated with the[...]
Websites: Keyword Research Part3
Create Your Website Series: Part 3 of Keyword Research Here's the last of the keyword research videos - let me[...]
Websites: Keyword Research Part2
Create Your Website Series: Part 2 of Keyword Research Decided to break the Keyword research into smaller videos - here's[...]
Websites: Keyword Research Part1
Create Your Website Series: Keyword Research Keyword research is important if you want to get some "free" traffic.  A bit of[...]
Websites: How to Install WordPress
Create Your Website Series: Setting Up Wordpress Wordpress is awesome to use so here's a quick video to help you set[...]
Websites: Custom eMail Address
Create Your Website Series: Set Up A Custom Email Address A custom email address looks so much more professional than[...]
Cheryl T Campbell to Speak at Women’s Retreat in Italy
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE New Haven, Connecticut, United States of America (Free-Press-Release.com) February 7, 2012 -- Cheryl T Campbell , Founder and Principal of 4 Winds[...]

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