I was Featured on John Assaraf’s PraxisNow!

By Cheryl T Campbell | Press Room

May 04
I was Featured on John Assaraf's PraxisNow

From Doubts to Results: I was Featured on John Assaraf’s PraxisNow!

In the fall of 2010 I became fascinated with the neuroscience of the brain and found that John Assaraf, known for his participation in The Secret, was fascinated with the topic as well! He had a new program available called Winning the Inner Game of Business and I decided to try the program.

Then in the summer of 2011 John started a community on his website, PraxisNow, and I jumped at the chance to participate. It has been a fascinating journey ever since and I was so excited when they contacted me because they wanted to feature me (Me !!) on their website.

This was the first time I openly shared the pain associated with all the teasing and bullying that accompanied a speech disorder I had as a child.

Below is an excerpt from the article where I was featured on John Assaraf’s PraxisNow!:

Alan and Cheryl Campbell_TribalWomanMagazineThe road was not always easy for Cheryl. As a young girl, she struggled with speech problems, namely a lazy tongue. Cheryl overheard adults talking about her using words like “stupid” and “lazy.”

These words were not only hurtful at the time, but unconsciously resonated throughout her life. It wasn’t until she began listening to Winning the Game of Business that she was aware these unconscious beliefs were still very present and affecting her success.

She says, “I burst into tears while listening to Winning the Game of Business when all of those hurtful words came flying back” and she realized these limiting beliefs were holding her back from achieving her ideal life.

Her biggest challenge was self-doubt. She always had the feeling of not knowing enough until she began the brain training program.

“The programs made it easier for me to transition out of negativity and into action,” says Cheryl.

Before listening to the brain training audios, Cheryl would get stuck in a pit of inaction because of her fears. Now, “within hours” she can walk through the negative self-talk and get right into taking on the next challenge.

She still has doubts from time to time, but the doubts don’t keep her from doing.

To read the rest of my featured story go here: Featured on PraxisNow  I have to admit, when I first read The Secret and became aware of the Laws of Attraction I never thought I would have the privilege of meeting one of the featured authors.  Life is really, really good!!!