Project LIGHT Rwanda

By Cheryl T Campbell | Tribal Woman

Sep 04
Dr. Lori Leyden of Project LIGHT Rwanda

Project LIGHT Rwanda: How Individual Healing Can Lead To World Transformation

Project LIGHT Rwanda touched my heart on so many different levels, I had to share it with you. Dr. Lori Leyden of Project LIGHT Rwanda is working in conjunction with Nick Ortner to bring healing to the children that affected my the mass genocide that occurred in 1994. If you are not familiar with happened, you can read more here.

Project LIGHT Rwanda will establish the world’s first International Youth Healing, Leadership and Entrepreneurship Center. Furthermore, it is holistic, sustainable and doable.

“Project LIGHT gives birth to a much-needed model of humanitarian aid that addresses basic survival needs, emotional healing, and economic self-sustainability. By developing heart-centered healing and leadership programs for traumatized youth, students, and humanitarians, we seek to shine LIGHT on one of the greatest human gifts that can unite us all—the power and resilience of the human spirit.”

~Dr. Lori Leyden, Founder of Create Global Healing and Project LIGHT

If you haven’t watched the video please do so now! Why? Because it is worth eight minutes of your life. It tells the story about an international youth healing center where young people receive emotional healing and training, real opportunities for economic independence and the freedom to become heart-centered, leaders.

The Video: 

Project LIGHT Rwanda is many things. It is also a feature length documentary about the amazing transformation achieved by 12 of the orphan genocide survivors in Rwanda who participated in this new form of sustainable humanitarian aid. They documented the establishment of the world’s first international youth healing, heart-centered leadership and entrepreneurship program based on Tapping – a leading edge self-healing modality.

It is a story of deep inquiry about how individual healing and transformation can lead to transformation in our world.  It’s a journey about what is possible in humanitarian aid when our hearts are open.

“What I learned is that when you are committed and have a dream you can achieve what you want. Everyone has a chance to succeed. ”

~Jean Baptiste, Project LIGHT Ambassador

During the last 4 years they have trained over 550 orphan and other genocide survivors in Rwanda. And they did it with with a relatively small amount of money and a small group of volunteers. They use advanced technology to have real-time interactions between these young people and the projects resource partners. These visionary partners come from the fields of education, healing arts, business, and entrepreneurship to create profound changes.

As a result of their efforts the project resulted in a 90% reduction in trauma outbreaks in one year. Especially relevant, is they achieved 20 to 26% relief in just a few days time!

Additionally, these remarkable young people have then gone on to train hundreds of others.

You can read more about Lori and the project at

UPDATE 2013:

Since 2012 the 12 children that Lori originally worked with worked have gone on to teach trauma healing and leadership skills to hundreds of thousands of other people in Rwanda.  Five of them are now are going to university and the others are entrepreneurs.

See how Lori brought her work to my home state after a tragic event occurred in Newtown, CT. Families of Sandy Hook Healing Through EFT.