Welcome to years gone by...  Here's a list of blog posts that I published in 2015.  A lot of the information is still relevant, but please keep in mind many topics related to Internet Marketing are always changing, especially in social media!  If you have any questions about how relevant a topic is today, please feel free to reach out to me. 

Blog Posts 2015

Google Analytics: Do You Use Them?
Does Google have the slightest idea how many people use Google Analytics? Google is celebrating the 10th birthday of Google[...]
Daily Dose: The New Apple iPad
Looking forward to the new Apple iPad? Here’s your shot at exploring it. Apple Inc. made its 12.9 inch iPad[...]
4 Tips for Making Social Visitors Regular Users
Found another post I thought you may be interested in.  They talk about the following four strategies that are specifically aimed[...]
Using Visuals In Social Media: 3 Ways to Grab Attention
Have you been using visuals in Social Media? Do they inspire your readers to take action? When using visuals in[...]
8 Powerful Ways to Build Your Presence on Social Media
Social Media has been around for a while now and it's not going away.  And you shouldn't want it too.[...]
Lead Generation With Facebook Marketing
Lead Generation with Facebook Remarketing Facebook gives you the ability to target non-converted customers using Custom Audience, a feature available[...]
Go for GoPro!
Today's Daily Dose is super short and all about GoProing.  Do you know what that is? Are you already an expert in[...]
Nescafe Makes Bold Move with Tumblr
Tumblr Versus Corporate Websites? A BIG COMPANY THAT TURNS AWAY FROM WEBSITES AND INTO TUMBLR Nescafé makes a very bold[...]
What is Facebook Remarketing?
Before we talk specifically about Facebook Remarketing, let's take a quick look at remarketing in general... What is Remarketing? Remarketing[...]

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