How to Handle Covid-19 Crisis with Love and Grace

By Cheryl T Campbell | Personal Development

Mar 17
How to handle covid-19 crisis with love and grace

The Covid-19 Crisis is a scary thing. Although it may feel like we have no control over what is happening around us, that’s simply not true. We always have a choice. Ask yourself this:

Do I want to live in fear? Or do I choose to meet this crisis head on with grace and love in my heart for others.

To me, choosing to handle this crisis with love and grace will be easier if we can make a few changes to the way we think and feel. At times like this we need to trust our inner knowledge and let it guide us to become our best and highest self.

Begin By Releasing All Fear Surrounding the Coronavirus

Look past headlines designed to evoke your fear. Read and learn about the virus, but be sure to separate the facts from the hype. See through eyes that are not clouded with fear.

At The Same Time Be Practical

Practice self-reliance. Face this crisis head on. Follow the guidelines set out for your safety and the safety of your community. Recently, in some areas, these guidelines are changing hourly. This uncertainty can also raise your fear levels. Acknowledge how you feel, then release the fear. We will get through this. The American Red Cross recommend these Best Practices For Covid-19 Safety

Realize That We Are All One

You can be black, white, male, female, gay or straight, Muslim, Christian, Jewish, rich or poor, famous or not famous. Covid-19 does not recognize any of the labels that we place on our fellow man.

We Are In This Together

It’s time to support one another. We also need to support our leaders, regardless of whether we like them or not. It’s time to pull together and do what is right for ourselves, our families and our community.

Do NOT Project The Information You Perceive As Truth Onto Others

Info about the virus is coming at us from every direction. Remember that many of the headlines are designed to use fear tactics. Every one of us can be part of the solution by breaking this pattern of fear.

And speaking of fear… when you allow yourself to be consumed by fear your body shifts into a state of dis-ease. The additional stress this creates weakens your immune system, the complete opposite of what you want during a health crisis!

The Perfect Time For Self Reflection

As many of us self quarantine during this health emergency, it is the perfect time to look deep within and decide how do you want to live your life. Who do you want to be?

Here are a few questions and ideas to start with:

  • What brings you joy? Who do you cherish? Then ask yourself if you make time for theses things. If the answer is no, think about how you can change that. Don’t get so wrapped up in life that you forget the joys of living that life.
  • Use this time to reboot what your true values are. Keep what is uplifting, what is beautiful, what makes you feel abundant, and what makes you happy. Get rid of the rest. Think of it as a spiritual spring cleaning.
  • Take the time to reconnect with those you love. Call them, email them, text them, or FaceTime them. It doesn’t matter how, just be there for them. Lead the conversation with things that you are grateful for. Speak of things that make you feel joyful. If the conversation becomes fear based, guide it back into the light. Discuss how you can nurture your spirit while practicing self reliance.
  • Pray for those that are most vulnerable. Send blessing to the countries that have been hit the hardest.

Why Am I Writing About The Covid-19 Crisis?

Because I’ve been knee deep in this crisis since last Thursday. I happen to run an all volunteer non-profit in my hometown that provides food and services for those in need. I’ve spoken to town officials, written a Covid-19 policy for the organization. We have had to re-evaluate the distribution of food to our clients while keeping their safety and the safety of our volunteers as the highest priority. It hasn’t been easy, but with a little creativity I know that we can still provide the services that some in our community desperately need.

My point is this, I have seen the fear spread through my community, magnifying with each passing day. So I ask you to please make a decision. Are you going to live in fear and make this crisis worse? Or will you be part of the solution?

Decide today to release the fear. Choose instead to take practical steps to ensure everyone’s safety. See clearly. Open your heart to others. BE the beacon of light that guides others to do the same.