Families of Sandy Hook Healing Through EFT

By Cheryl T Campbell | Tribal Woman

Oct 27
Families of Sandy Hook Healing Through EFT

Why would I ever dedicate a post and interview to the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting? For more reasons than you can imagine and because it touched my life in more ways than I can say.

Lori Leydon talks about her work with the families of Sandy Hook healing through EFT in Newtown, CT.

I first became aware Lori’s work in September of 2012 when I learned of Project Light:Rwanda and featured her in the September issue of Tribal Woman Magazine. Today, I have the great privilege to talk to Dr. Lori Leyden in person about the success of that program. We also discuss how it relates to the healing process for some members of the Newtown community after the Sandy Hook shooting.

The tragedy occurred in my home state on December 14, 2012 and took 28 lives.  I’m sure the world is aware of what happened here in Newtown, Connecticut on that date.  The Sandy Hook events devastated so many lives, and before long it was made worse by conspiracy theorists.  Some say the massacre was orchestrated by the U.S. Government as part of an elaborate plot to promote stricter gun control laws. Others say that it was “completely fake” and never occurred.

I am painfully aware that the event did occur because my family was directly affected by the tragedy itself, and then by the nonsense that followed when the conspiracy jerks spewed a lot of hateful lies.

Below is the Now Infamous White House Photo by Pete Souza and the announcement that accompanied it.

[wdm_image_effects effect=”no_effect” animation=”slideInRight” shape=”circle” color=”#000″ social=”site-wide default: none” title=”obama-park” description=”obama-parker” id=”5036″ show=”hover” counter=”0″ size=”thumbnail”/]

“Two days after the shootings at Newtown, the President traveled to Connecticut to meet with the victims’ families and give remarks at a prayer vigil. The President spent hours greeting family members. Difficult as that was for everyone, the one moment that helped sooth the pain was when he posed for a photo with the siblings and cousins of Emilie Parker, one of the 20 children who died that day in Newtown. ”

~excerpt White House Press Release

The press release went on to say “I see both sadness and hope in this photograph, and I know after a lot of tears that day, it meant so much to the President that everyone was able to smile for a moment in this family photo. Thanks to the Parker family for allowing us to show this photograph publicly”

The moment did not last for long. The conspiracy theorists used the photo to “prove” that Emilie and Jessie Lewis (another child killed in the incident) were still alive.   Needless to say – all the lies were hurtful and utterly ridiculous. How do I know?  Because three of the children in that picture are my cousins.

Instead of going into more detail about the hate that inspires this kind of nonsense, let’s talk about how love circled the world as a result of Lori’s work in Newtown.

Please watch the video! The story that unfolds towards the end will bring a tear of sadness and joy. It tells about the way the children of Rwanda helped JT (Jessies brother) and then about the amazing way JT helped them in return.  It’s pure love!

The Interview


As a result of the conversation I ask Lori what we can do to help support this type of amazing work:  Her response…

We have to ask people to heal their own hearts first. When you heal your own heart you’re in service to humanity because it makes it easier for other people’s hearts to heal as well.

~ Dr. Lori Leyden

In conclusion, I like to invite you to learn more about Lori and the results they are achieving in Sandy Hook by visiting The Tapping Solution Foundation