My Interview On New Rules for Your Life and Business

By Cheryl T Campbell | Press Room

New Rules For Your Life and Your Business
Feb 12

It’s Time To Be A Detective In Your Own Home

New Rules for Your Life and Your Business Podcast Episode #9 with Cheryl T. Campbell

I was recently asked to discuss the chemicals in our home and personal care products. Why? Because of my 14 years in the environmental field as Director of Regulatory Affairs for a Hazardous Waste Facility. It was also a great way for me to spread the word about our new product line that we are selling on Amazon.

I hope you enjoy the interview -if you don’t have the time to listen to the whole podcast -here are a few Golden Nuggets:

  • There are many ways chemicals can find their way into our systemic system. The routes are – inhalation, absorption through our skin, ingestion and injection.  It is important to note that ingestion can also occur from inhalation because as a by-product of cleaning our lungs the chemicals can be deposited in our cilia for ingestion.
  • Propylene glycol, a common ingredient in our makeup, toothpaste and deodorant … is in antifreeze.
  • There is a build-up effect that occurs in our system. It is this cumulative effect of all of the chemicals that enter our bodies that can be extremely detrimental to our health.
  • Baby oil is a mineral oil which is a petroleum derivative.  It coats the skin like saran wrap and doesn’t allow the skin to naturally breathe. Because of this it slows natural cell development.
  • Chemicals found in shampoo, soap, facial cleaners, bubble baths … can cause hormone disruption that form cancer causing agents. Research shows that there is a strong link between this and liver and kidney cancer.
  • Because our body is busy fighting off chemicals, our immune system is not where it is supposed to be.  This is one of the reasons cancer and illness is so prevalent today.
  • Essential oils can replace a lot of our medicines. This is not “new age” – these oils have been around for centuries. Chemicals have been around for only 100 years.  Most oils contain “nature’s wiseness” in the form of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc.
  • “Western Medicine.  Eastern Prevention.”
  • How you can save money with some of these products – one product can replace many products. Do some research and see it with your own eyes.

Action Steps:

Go through your home and read the labels on your products in your cleaning cabinet and in your bathroom and shower.  Write down the ingredients and google them.  Do your own research and prove this to yourself. Perform your due diligence. See it with your own eyes.

Shop with your eyes open!

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