How To Stand Out as an Internet Marketer

By Cheryl T Campbell | Internet Marketing

Nov 01
Stand Out as an Internet Marketer - Cheryl T Campbell with Brendon Burchard

How To Stand Out as an Internet Marketer

Being an internet marketer is one of the most rewarding career moves I have ever made.  It’s downright fun to earn an income using your own smarts and creativity! Plus, the freedom you have and the sense of personal accomplishment you achieve is pretty awesome.

The downside is, sometimes it can also feel like a thankless job. If you choose to promote other people’s businesses thru affiliate marketing you usually remain quietly in the background.

But what if you would like to be recognized for your hard work and skill? That’s when you turn your online marketing skills inward and start to promote yourself as well!

Create a Personal Brand

If you are really looking to stand out as an internet marketer, a good place to start is by creating a ‘personal brand’. A personal brand is a brand that puts you front and center. A good example of this is Brendon Burchard.

Brendon often talks about how his life was changed by an experience he had at a younger age. This helps him to promote his message to “Live. Love. Matter.” People feel as though they can trust him because they feel as though they know him a little bit. He is literally a friendly face.

Plus, Brendon’s exposure thru media giants like Oprah and Larry King have made him something of an internet celebrity. He’s invited to give talks at prestigious events. He hosts amazing live events like Experts Academy and is very much in the public eye. Note: The pic above was taken at the September event where I got to spend a private evening with Brendon and 20 other entrepreneurs.

While there are many different definitions for what makes someone ‘successful’, there are yardsticks that many of us use.  We may not all have the mindset or drive that it takes to be a Brendon, but I say go for it!

Consider setting up a similar scenario for yourself!

Grow Your Blog

To do this then, you need to look at ways to grow your channel while keeping that personal nature at the forefront. One way to do this, is to create a YouTube channel. A YouTube channel is a great way to talk directly to an audience and to feel as though they know you. Likewise, it will give you huge exposure.

Meanwhile, use your own internet marketing skill to get your blog to the top of Google, while positioning yourself as an expert in your niche and an authority. Another tip is to make sure that you are living the lifestyle that you promote – a disconnect will prevent this from working.

In other words, don’t blog about yoga unless you really do love yoga; don’t write about cooking unless you love to cook – you get the idea. That way, you can become the ‘face’ of your blog and people will soon start to seek you out for your opinion.

This way, you can gain some modicum of internet fame and when that happens, you’ll find that countless new opportunities emerge.

Demand High Moral Standards of Yourself

Another way to stand out as an internet marketer (or digital marketer) is to demand high moral standards of yourself.

You may have started your entrepreneurial journey because you thought it would be a great way to enjoy a little more freedom and a little less stress and politics.  You get to pick and choose the work and you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to, or argue with a ‘boss’.

Except none of that is quite true. Because as an internet marketer, you will probably be promoting digital products or helping working with clients who will be hiring you for your services. This in turn means you will come across products you don’t really believe in. Or, you be given projects that you don’t fully agree with or want to do.

This can create a moral quandary.

Moral Issues in Marketing when Dealing with Clients

In our first example, what would you if someone comes to you and asks you to use your skills to help them promote a health supplement that you believe actually causes more issues than it solves?

In this scenario, you now have the option to do the work and feel a little dirty about it – potentially causing someone out there to waste their money and at the same time hurt themselves with a product that is bad for them.

The other option though is to refuse to do the work, in which case you lose the money in the short term but also make yourself appear more ‘difficult’, which may well mean that you don’t get more work from them in the future either.

To some people, this will seem like a no brainer: it’s wrong to do the work and you need to stand by your morals, so you turn it down!

But this then means that you are now judging the content of the work you are promoting. You now need to ask whether it’s right to judge, or whether you should simply provide an objective service.

Moral Issues in Marketing When Promoting Digital Projects or Software

When promoting other people’s products or software as an affiliate you may be tempted with high commissions. But what if someone is promoting a view that you don’t agree with?

Then it becomes an issue of denying people their right to freedom of speech.

The Solution

So, what’s the answer?

Unfortunately, that is not something I can answer for you. Ultimately, this will depend on the type of work you are being asked to do and on your own values.

The only tip I can provide is to be ready for this. To make a mental note of where you draw the line. And if you’re going to rule out certain types of work, then be sure to advertise that on your website so that clients know in advance and so that you aren’t seen to be picking and choosing on a whim.

Curious about what I would do?  In the first example it’s not a question of judging the person, it comes down to the product and I would NEVER promote a product I have concerns about.

In the second example, I would promote the product if I thought my clients would find it valuable regardless of the fact that I disagreed with the spokesperson.