Go Tribal from New Masters of Online Marketing

By Cheryl T Campbell | Press Room

Sep 25
Go Tribal

“Is It Possible To Grow My Small Business In Today’s Economic Conditions?”

This is the exact question that I help small businesses answer everyday as I help them build their own Tribes, and harness the power of the Internet to bring in new customers, keep current customers loyal and ensure that your doors not only stay open, but prosper for years to come.

Hi, my name is Cheryl Campbell, the owner of 4 Winds Of Change and co-author of the Best-Selling book, The New Masters Of Online Marketing.

Recently, when several local businesses closed their doors, I was inspired to take my knowledge of Internet marketing and teach it to local merchants. My goal was and IS to help them embrace new media, dominate local search engines, and attract customers that become their greatest advertisement. And that is what I encourage you to read the rest of this page and see why “going tribal” is the solution to help you become the entrepreneur or small business owner that you always wanted to be.

Introducing Cheryl Campbell’s Breakthrough Marketing System “Go Tribal”

In this 4 part digital series, I will reveal how you can win the mental game of fat loss and getting in shape, start planning your days and life for success and finally start seeing the results that you have long desired and the body that you deserve. Over the 4 parts I reveal:

  • How to pinpoint your target market and laser focus on attracting them into your business
  • Why you need to find the core reason that people buy and use your products and services and what happens when you truly figure this out
  • How to meet your customers’ tangible and intangible needs
  • The proven method to find out your core market’s dreams, hopes and desires and how to apply it to your marketing
  • The 3 steps to begin your tribal marketing adventure
  • How to brainstorm ways to create a tribe around your business to grow your sales and reach your small business goals
  • Why you need to leverage the power of your own expertise and use it in your marketing
  • How to write your copy so that it focuses on your prospect’s core needs and fulfills their dreams and desires
  • 4 powerful methods to explode your business using your website and how to update your website to increase conversion
  • How to use new media strategies to increase the number of conversations about your business, your products and your services
  • Why you need to harness the power of other tribes and implement them into your own processes and systems
  • The importance of video on your website and the simple and practical ways to create videos about you and your business without buying the big cameras and going through heavy editing
  • Three ways to ensure that your voice is heard online and how to get others to follow that voice
  • My 3 unbreakable rules of social media
  • And so much more!

My Go Tribal Program is a multimedia, digital course designed to teach the core principles of growing a raving customer base, with you as the leader and use this new raving customer base to grow your business in today’s tough economic times.

When you take action today, you will have instant digital access to:

  • 4 Interactive Videos that walk you through my entire Go Tribal System to watch online or download and watch on your computer, your iPad or wherever else you watch videos
  • 4 MP3 files so you can learn these strategies on your iPod, in your car or anywhere else you listen to audio files
  • A complete, transcribed eBook so you can read along, take notes and take action when going through the materials
  • A “Take Action Guide” so you not only learn the 5 steps, but you also take action to get the results that you desire

-UPDATE January 4, 2016-

This package used to be available for $47.00 but I removed all the BUY NOW buttons.  Just about all the material inside is still appropriate today, but my style of teaching has definitely changed since 2011! If you’re still interested in receiving the product go ahead and click the button below and it will be delivered for FREE.  NO Opt-in necessary, but do leave a comment below and let me know what you think!


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