Top 5 Facebook Changes That Will Affect You In 2016

By Cheryl T Campbell | Facebook

Jan 14
Top 5 Facebook Changes

The world of Social Media has exploded over the last and many of the platforms have revolutionized the interfaces of their websites to make them appealing to the masses. The focus seems to be on turning these social networking websites into a ‘need’ rather than a ‘want’  so today we are going to take a look at the top 5 Facebook changes that will affect you In 2016

Facebook is afterall one of the largest social networking websites and has ruled the internet for quite a while now. As of this writing four billion profiles are visited everyday on Facebook and uncountable pictures and statuses are uploaded. However there are changes coming so look at the top 5 changes and how those changes may affect you.

Profile Videos

Facebook is giving you a chance to turn your Facebook profile pictures into profile videos. This will give you a more entertaining chance to express yourself. You can add GIF’s or small videos in place of your profile pictures. These looping videos instead of static pictures will add an extra interactive layer to your profile. You will have a chance to make your profile stand out. You can showcase yourself in creative and engaging ways.

Profile Personalization

Your private information section will be more personalized and controlled. Facebook is giving you a chance to take back control of your personal information in the ‘About’ section. You can choose which information you want to share with whom. There might be certain information like your phone number that you want only specific people to see. You will be able to privatize that according to your priorities.

Temporary Profile Pictures

You will have a chance to put up different pictures as your Facebook profile picture for a certain amount of time. You can put up pictures of your favorite athlete, your friend’s birthday or a cause you are supporting. It will be changed back to the profile picture you last had, automatically. You do not have to change pictures again and again. This will save your effort of changing profile pictures frequently.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is said to make two major changes to its interface.

  • A Local Business Directory
  • Transportation

You will not have to use other social networking websites such as ‘Yelp’ to find a nearby business such as a restaurant. Facebook Messenger is giving you the opportunity to find different businesses near you without having to go to another website.

Another feature which Facebook Messenger is about to introduce is transportation routes. You can request a ride from a friend or tap on the car button to request a ride through ‘Uber’. The estimated cost and distance will be given to you.

So, get a ride through Facebook Messenger!


Facebook’s advertising platform hasn’t stopped changing since it first emerged. In 2015 they added a “call now” button, carousel-style ads, and mobile ad management to name just a few. You can expect more Pinterest-style social/ecommerce hybrid functions and a more robust ad management platform in 2016.

The way people interact personally on Facebook will definitely change and it will certainly cause a ripple effect on how we market our target audience on FB. Keep an eye on your inbox because I’ll be sharing some tips to make sure you use Facebook in a variety of ways to benefit your business!