4 Tips for Making Social Visitors Regular Users

By Cheryl T Campbell | Social Media Strategies

Sep 24

Found another post I thought you may be interested in.  They talk about the following four strategies that are specifically aimed at boosting conversion rates and traffic.

  1. You need to find out high-quality links that can help in creating a certain level of traffic. The question arises, what are higher-quality links, and how can they help you? The answer is the use of tools that assist you in finding the influencers in your field so that you can connect with them and persuade them to mention you so you can get traffic.
  2. Give the visitors a reason to click on your website. So, how do you get visitors interested enough to click through to your site? It is simple as that. Keep an element of surprise to your posts.
  3. Headlines should be enticing enough to create a desire for users.
  4. Draw attention of lost users through offers of discounts, promotional eBooks.

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Photo Credit: Jason Howie | Flickr