Lead Generation With Facebook Marketing

By Cheryl T Campbell | Facebook

Sep 07
Lead Generation With Facebook Marketing

Lead Generation with Facebook Remarketing

Facebook gives you the ability to target non-converted customers using Custom Audience, a feature available in Power Editor and Facebook advertising API. You can target your website audience with Facebook remarketing pixels on your website. But if you have your customerís contact details like Email address, Phone Number, Facebook User ID, Mobile Advertiser ID and Mobile App user idís, you can also retarget them with custom audiences.

If you already have an email list that is different from your Facebook audience’s base, then you’re ready to go. If you don’t have one, you can create an email list using Mail-chimp, AWeber, GetResponse and other tools.

You can export your email list into a one column CSV file or a text file and upload it into power tools and create audiences. You can use this email list audience as your custom audience, and you can also create ads using that audience. Facebook matches your email list with its users and serves ads only those people who are not in its customersí base.

If you have created different types of audiences using email lists and other contact information but do not want to show your remarketing ads to a particular list, you can exclude that list from your marketing campaign.

Get More Sign-ups With Your Newsletter

You can get more sign-ups with your newsletter, and you can send newsletters to your customers on a regular basis. You need to exclude those customers who havenít signed up. In addition you can create a custom audience of excluded customers and retarget them.

Use Call to Actions

You can also use calls to action in your post, run an offer that has some value for your customers and use whisper code that will encourage your customers to buy from you. All these methods will help to generate more and more leads with your Facebook account.

Targeting with email lists and other contact information, you will be able to build your brand awareness, generate new leads, increase your fans, extend your reach to your customers, and you can sell and upgrade a product to your non fans.

Increase your fans:

To increase your fan base, you can use other targeting options to your potential customers. Having their contact information means they are already familiar with and interested in your brand. You have to add your email list to create an audience and exclude your current fans, and then you can retarget with an ad to invite them to like your Facebook page.

Extend your reach:

You can target those non fans who fall under your marketing niche. You need to use Objective Flow and select ìClicks to websiteî and ìPage post linked to your website,î and then select the post you want to promote to increase your reach with your email list.

Drive more conversions:

If you want to improve your sales with your custom audience list, you need to promote a post and track your conversion. You can use conversion tracking pixels to track your ROI by clicking ìTrack conversions on my website for this ad,î and then select the pixel that you need to apply to the promotional post.

You collect emails for lead generation. You can also create similar audiences with lookalike audiences to drive more conversions to your brand.

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