IM Mastery-4: How Hot Is Your Niche

By Cheryl T Campbell | Internet Marketing

Jan 30

IMM-How-Hot-Is-Your-NicheWhen you believe you have discovered a few ideas for a “hot” niche, you should take the time to research and investigate them a bit further.

Here are some things I would do:
  1. Check to see if advertisers are interested in doing affiliate marketing offers.
  2. Take a look at other environmental factors that might contribute to it’s “hot” factor.
  3. Check to see how many people are talking about this topic. Is it too controversial to handle?

It’s not just the Google Keyword analysis that will determine whether this is a “hot” topic. You will want to see what else you can find out about this topic to determine if you want to pursue it.

For instance, you will want to find out:

  • how many people are talking about it
  • whether affiliate marketers are interested in promoting it

To do this you will have to do a little further snooping. If you have already been doing affiliate marketing go to the sites you are signed up for and find out what affiliates offers are available that might match the niche.

If you do not practice affiliate marketing you can still go and do some research.  A good one to start with is or After you log in, try to find what offers you might be able to put up on your web pages should you decide to target that niche. If you find very few, that this is an indication that advertisers are not that interested in this niche.

Another way to find out who is interested and how much it is being talked about, is to enter the keyword phrase into Google and see how many search results come up. If it is highly competitive, you will get too many results. If there is little interest, you will only get a few results. This will help you determine whether you have either too broad or too narrow a topic to generate the kind of interest you need to make money with it.

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