IM Mastery-3: Researching Your Topic

By Cheryl T Campbell | Internet Marketing

Jan 21


In this post of the Internet Marketing Mastery series we will discuss researching your topic using tools like the Google Keyword Planner or Keyword Supremacy.

Keyword tools help you identify:
  • other associated keywords or phrases to your niche, and
  • how hot the niche really is.

If you are on a tight budget use the Google Keyword Planner since it’s free to use. It will still help you get an idea about the viability of your niche, but I strongly encourage you to use the best tools that you can afford.  They do make a difference.

A good keyword tool will help you measure at least three of the four criteria that your keyword or phrase should meet to verify that it is worth developing into a full-blown niche.

Once you gather some potential words and phrases that you want to research, go to your tool of choice and insert the words/phrases. It will then generate a list of those words or phrases along with the advertising competition and the approximate search volume for the current month.

To see how much the keyword is worth by CPC, you click the drop-down list which states “Show/hide columns.” Then, choose the option to show the estimated average CPC.

This will give you an idea of how competitive and how profitable the keyword or phrases you have brainstormed might be. It will also let you know how valuable the niche might be.

Keep doing this for all the keywords or phrases you initially researched.  Try to find some that aren’t as competitive, have a high CPC and high search volume (demand).

A little trick you can try is to take the keyword phrases generated by the tool and plug those into the tool.  You may be surprised to see that the new keyword phrases it spits out are actually better choices than what you started with!

As you do this process, it will help you to dive deeper into your target and may even give you ideas on some different niches that you hadn’t thought of at all.

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