IM Mastery-1: Why Passion Isn’t Enough

By Cheryl T Campbell | Internet Marketing

Jan 05

Internet Marketing Mastery_Why-Passion-Is-Not-Enough

Many experts advise you to follow your passion and the money will follow.

While this may seem like good advice, you need a better plan. The Internet is such a vast landscape, it’s simply not enough. To maximize the potential of your your passion you also need to match what people are actually searching for online.

To say this in other words:
Passion is a good indicator that you will be interested enough to pursue your topic long term, but it’s not the only ingredient needed for you to succeed.

When you start searching for the perfect ‘hot’ topic you need to:

  1. Know what topics are popular and actively being searched for on the Internet.
  2. Make sure that the topic is profitable. There are ways to do that using a variety of tools like  Google Keyword Planner or Keyword Supremacy, which will be discussed more in depth later on.
  3. Know how competitive the niche is. This is important when you are first starting out so you can find a pool that hasn’t been over-fished by the ‘big boy’ players.

In Internet marketing terms, you want to find hot spot topics that have the following characteristics:

  • High Demand

    Many people are interested in searching for your topic by actively keying in various phrases into the search engine.  This is important to insure that those keywords can be mined for traffic and profit.

  • High Cost-Per-Click (CPC)

    Google establishes the CPC for keywords and phrases. Based on that, you can tell when one word or phrase is more profitable than another based on what advertisers are willing to pay a publisher per click of that keyword or phrase.

  • Low Competition

    Since most Internet marketers know that they want a high demand or high CPC to get good niches for profit, they are usually highly competitive too. However, there are still some out there that you can find that are not as competitive and we’ll show you how to locate them.

  • Advertisers Present

    You want to also find hot spots that are of interest to affiliate or marketing advertisers. At least 20 advertisers for the hot spot shows it is good to try out.

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