Fun 404 Error Pages and Guerrilla Marketing

By Cheryl T Campbell | Let's Chat

Nov 06
Fun 404 Error Pages

I love reading other blogs, it gives me ideas I want to think about and ideas I want to implement. Today,  I share two posts with you that I read recently and thought you might be interested in reading them too.  The first is from mashable where they show 35 really creative and fun 404 error pages. The second is about guerrilla marketing.

About your 404 Error Pages

If you’re still using the same old boring 404 error page, take some inspiration from these entertaining pages (be sure to see #15, my favorite!)

Oh, and if you’re wondering.. that image you see is my 404.  What do you think?

Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns

As Internet marketers we need to think out of the box in order to get our message out. Here are 10 excellent examples of Guerrilla Marketing in the offline (and occasionally online) world – perhaps they’ll inspire you to think more creatively in your own business, and even if they don’t, you’re likely to find them highly entertaining…