Keyword Supremacy Review – Live Demo of the Dashboard

In my previous Keyword Supremacy Review and Bonuses post I promised you an indepth article discussing what you can expect inside the dashboard.  Well I am here to deliver that promise!  In this article I will show you a live demo of the dashboard followed up with lot’s of screenshots, comments and recommendations on how to use this amazing tool.

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A Review of the Keyword Supremacy Dashboard

In my earlier videos I mentioned that I was a Beta Tester for this product and wasn’t sure if the dashboard would change.  It did not, so below is an image of what you will find once inside the members area:

keyword supremacy dashboard

As you can see it is very simple, to the point, and easy to navigate with big bold buttons to get you where you want to go. I especially like that there is a tab for support so it’s easy to find anytime you need it.  In my past experience with Herc Magnus and Todd Spears they do excellent support!  Next You Navigate to the Keyword Search Dashboard

Let’s Navigate to Keyword Search

Here is where you decide how you want to conduct your search. What you see along the top submenu are are several choices for HOW you want to search:

keyword supremacy search options

You can choose from the following search engines:

  • Local (we’ll discuss this in detail later)
  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • YouTube

If you monetize your websites with eCommerce you can also search for keyword suggestions from these popular eCom Engines:

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Alibaba

Everyone is selling ‘flashlights’ in eCom…but did you know ‘survival flashlights’ & “bike flashlights” are just as killer? KW Supremacy can show you every niche within any market with all the competition making it easier than ever to find the newest eCom products.

Important Note: the ability to search eCom Engines is an upsell. During the launch you can purchase “Keyword Supremacy Pro” for just $67.  I believe the price doubles after that. If you do any of the the following to monetize your business you NEED THIS!

eCom  |  Drop Shiping  |  Product Arbitrage  |  Amazon Store Selling  |  eBay Stores

I purchased this myself and find it invaluable and AWESOME when searching for new keywords to promote my BBQ Mats and Argan Oil that I distribute through Amazon. Plus I’m gearing up to revamp my yoga website for the holidays and can’t wait to dig into the research using this feature!

Decide How You Want to Conduct Your Keyword Session

Are you looking for a niche idea? If yes, KWS offers a unique way of finding fresh keywords for literally any affiliate or CPA niche. Even the tough ones like ‘weight loss’ become a breeze when you use their 4 Attack approach to keyword scraping. Just use a wildcard symbol to help you explore the possibilities. In the following example I use the % wildcard to find hidden gems in the dog training niche:

using a wildcard in your keyword search

Now this is the cool part – I can continue to dig deeper (even in the hardest affiliate markets) by moving the wildcard symbol % to scrape beginning, middle, end and beside keywords to find a ton of great keywords in any niche! This feature is worth the price of the tool alone.

Since many of these options are not available with other keyword tools that are out there, let me go into a bit more detail:



And Finally you can choose to go really deep into your research and do this…


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Review of the Keyword Supremacy Metrics

They have some great metrics built into the system for you to use.

keyword supremacy review of metrics

After choosing your keywords you can move on to getting your metrics. The following are available:

  • CPC (Cost Per Click)
  • GMS (Global Monthly Search)
  • LMS (Local Monthly Search)
  • CMP (Competition)
  • Top 10 Analysis
  • Domain Availability

You will have over 300 keywords to work with.  since that can be a bit overwhelming, you can also use the advanced filters which allows you to see only those keywords that meet the criteria that are important to you.  Chose from:

  • Cost per click
  • Global Monthly Searches
  • Local Monthly Searches, or
  • Competition

Advanced keyword filters

The Only Keyword Tool on the Market that does Local Keyword Research.

This is my FAVORITE feature! Want to look up every keyword for all cities in California that have a population of population of 100k to 500k for “emergency plumber” or “doggy daycare”?

Done! …with just one click of a button. KWS provides local research for every State/Province and City in Canada and the USA. Coming soon are the UK, Ireland, Australia & New Zealand!

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Keyword Supremacy Training

..and last but not least, there is easy to understand training videos right inside the dashboard;


Well there you go, a look at everything you need to know to make a decision.  Be sure to check out our unique bonuses that are being offered if you purchase through our link -they’re fabulous!


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Note:  I believe in full disclosure, so I really want to spell this out for you… If you purchase through my link I WILL EARN a commissions, BUT I endorse this product because I have invested in it myself and LOVE IT! You can read more on my legal pages here: