PLUS, A Live Demo of the Keyword Supremacy dashboard from one of the Software's Beta Testers!

Watch the video below to see why this new keyword tool is something I can't live without!

Hope you don't mind that I like to skip all the normal rhetoric and get right down to the benefits!

Why Do I Need a Keyword Tool?

When you choose the right keywords to monetize your website, it literally can drive thousands of new customers to your website daily. Google alone gets an average of 2.3 million searches per second!

Why You Need This Keyword Tool...

Simply put, no other keyword research tool provides you with ALL of the following benefits...

6 Benefits that the software offers you:

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Affiliate and eCom Research Made Easy

Not only is it important to rank on the first page of a search engine results page for relevant keyword search terms, but it's equally important to rank in the top positions of the first page. The New Keyword Supremacy Tool Will Help You Get There.

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Local Research Made Easy

Researching terms for local search engine optimization usually refers to the searches within the country versus global searches. Keyword Supremacy is the only keyword tool that allows you to conduct true Local Marketing Keyword Research.  Yup, now you can search by State, City or even by population!

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6 Keyword Search Engines Available

Google may be king but there are other search engines. Keyword Supremacy has you covered! All packages include Google, Yahoo and Youtube.  

If you are involved in the world of eCom you have the option of purchasing Keyword Supremacy Pro, which allows you to discover the most searched products and subproducts that people are looking for on Amazon, eBay and Alibaba! Available as a one time purchase of just $67 - that's priceless in my book since it allows you to find HOT products to sell that you may not have even known about! 

Keyword Supremacy offers Competition-metric-icon-by-prosymbols

Competition Metrics

Knowing your competitors' strengths and weaknesses helps you uncover opportunities in the marketplace, Keyword Supremacy has this built into the software and makes a necessary task easy to do.

Keyword Supremacy offers Niche Drilldown-icon-by-prosymbols

Niche Drill Downs with Search Suggest

The software makes it easy for you to go "deep" into your niche and pull profitable key words that you may not have thought of otherwise. Search Suggest with Before, After, Middle and Locked ability

Keyword Supremacy offers-creadit-based-search-icon-by-prosymbols

Credit Based Searching - Meaning More Control For You

No Recurring Billing - one time purchase to access the software and then YOU CHOOSE how much you need and how much you want to spend.

Plus, you get actual search volumes instead of a range.  For example, the Google Keyword Planner displays search volume in ranges (10k-100k) and Keyword Supremacy delivers an accurate number (11,020) - that's a huge difference when evaluating your results.

Take A Peak Inside the Keyword Supremacy Dashboard

Want to Know More? Go Here for details and screenshots: Keyword Supremacy Live Demo

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I have been teaching online marketing to local entrepreneurs since 2009 and began speaking on the topic around the country ​since my first book on the subject went to the #1 spot in it's category back in 2010. 

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  • evaluation of your sales funnel - is it enticing and compelling?
  • evaluation of basic on-page SEO - are you using your new found keywords correctly?
  • evaluation of how you monetize - are you leaving money on the table?
  • suggestions for improvements 

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1 Year Subscription

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The Ultimate Magazine for the Small Business Owner

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Today, staying on top of your competition is synonymous with having a strong online presence and staying abreast of current marketing strategies.

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For the newbies out there...

If you look up the definition of "Keyword" you'll find references to computer programing, cryptography and linguistics along with one dictionary that describes it as a word or concept of great significance.  That last one says it all when it comes to the online marketing world. Since search engines use them as index terms, you want to be sure you find the words and phrases that your potential customers are using to find the products you're selling - the Keyword Supremacy Software is a HUGE help!

and one more thing... because I believe in full transparency I really want to spell this out for you... When you purchase through my link I WILL EARN a commissions, BUT I endorse this product because I have invested in it myself and LOVE IT! You can read more by visiting any of my legal pages in the footer below 🙂